Friday, April 28, 2006

Its abt time...

I m cryi. Really. Its time to leave. Leave this all behind. Everything. Everyone. Good Luck everyone. And Happy bday Rachit :)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bang Bang : You are Tagged.

No not dead.... just tagged. Not Original, I know... but made u come here, didn't it ??

Mission Accomplished :D

So about this tag game. Some of us, rather most of us have played this in school albeit possibly under different names and different versions. One of the more famous ones was hitting some1 and asking him to pass it on. Well, we all are civilized people now, arent we ?? :) . So no hitting stuff, we'll just do some fun stuff... like the Cooooool ppl we are spposed to be :D

Seven Things I want to do in my life:

1) Play a MMOG stime.
2) Own a fundoo gaming rig.
3) Own a fundoo Home Theatre System whr I can watch movies with my gang.
4) Own a Merc.
5) Own my own House.
6) Own my own Company.
7) Marry the gal I love ( and not the other way round :D ).

Seven Things I can do:

1) Play Basketball
2) Play any Comp Game and be good at it ( unless its Racing )
3) Chat or blabber endlessly
4) Be always ready to play any sport or jhandao ANYTIME.
5) Read books like crazy.
6) Sit in a room with Comp, Lan and Net and not leave it for days.
7) Not eat for days.

Seven Things I say the most:

1) Obviously
2) Cmmmonnn
3) Bhak Saala
4) Aisa Kya ??
5) Sahee hai...
6) Interesting
7) Shit bey..

Seven Things I can't do:

1) Any artistic or intricate work
2) A physically demanding work
3) Refrain from making a sarcastic comment
4) Stop smiling
5) Resist an arguement
6) Copy on tests ( I dint say cheat :D )
7) Resist a new game for long.

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex

1) Looks
2) Talkative
3) Good Sense of Humour
4) Apetite for fun
5) The Smile on Your Face
6) Arguementive ( Oh yes...!! )
7) Just the right amount of Sento as well

Seven Celebrity Crushes

1) Catherine Zeta Jones
2) Amrita Rao
3) Anna Kournikova
4) Kiera Knightley
5) Katherine Heigl
6) Preity Zinta
7) Sania Mirza

Seven People I Tag

1) Tanushree Mittal
2) KK Mehra
3) Apratim Mitra
4) Vishwas Rao
5) Sagar Rastogi
6) Arpita Sharma
7) Shouvik Som

Ohh yeah, I was tagged by PsychoMcCrazy - Gr88 idea Psycho.... and Best of Luck for ur Exam next week :D

This was fun... and not at all hard. I had 2 good examples before me ( This aint any test, u see ). Just wish cud have written more abt some of those and a less abt some of them......

Friday, September 23, 2005

Babies anyone ???

If anyone of u were to see me rite now, and notice the lack of hair on my head, and locks of hair lying abt my feet, don't panic. Thts just me pulling my hair in frustration. Wondering why ? Ever watched a delivery ? I mean a real delivery... birth of a baby ? Mebbe on some documentary or something similar ? Well , I was unlucky enough to watch 5 deliveries in a single day...!!! Surprised ? Stumped ? Me too...!!

There are 2 types of ppl in this world. Those who have watched Salaam Namaste and those who haven't. There's a 3rd type too - those who haven't heard abt it, but we won't talk abt them. Anyway, if ur of the 1st category, u'll probably advise ur frnds not to watch the movie and try skipping it altogether. Here's a review tht will probably give u an idea of wat ppl have to say abt the movie. First my impressions of the movie. Gotta agree with most of da review except for these 2 points

1) Javed Jaffrey is not funny. Whoever thought "sorry" could possibly mean so many things obviously had a twisted sense of humour. And eggzactly is not tht funny wen repeated so many times.

2) I don't claim tht I have watched a lot of FRIENDS, but I do think tht I have watched a decent number. And I cudn't find enuff sequences that had been lifted off from the series. Mebbe its just me.

If ur of the 2nd category, like I was until a cpla hours back, u wud probably be tired of listening to ur frnds advising u ( and rightly too , and u know it ) that the movie is crap, but all u can say to that is "But, I have to see it, at least once. Just for my own satisfaction". Real bad choice. But even I made it, knowing it was probably a bad one.

No one can prepare you for the trauma that u are abt to undergo. The movie does have a few moments, but those are very less and at best not worth the effort. And no, not even for Preity Zinta. If u wanna see her, u shud just watch the songs and thts just abt it. But they really went over the top in the last 10 minutes. And it all starts with a certain character's entry. Won't spoil the surprise for the 2nd category of ppl. Wat ensues is over the top comedy. But I was laughing through all those 10 minutes while at the same time crying out in frustration at the crap I was watching. Shrieking women is sthing I can do without in a movie, especially hysterical ones during childbirth. Anyway, I also witnessed 3 chil births.

Rest of the day wasn't so bad. Watched a cpl of X-Files episodes after tht. Oh and btw, I did skip my dinner cos of the movie. Anyway, so late into the night my wingmate comes back from Jamshedpur. I go into his room, grab a packet of mathris tht he's got and sit down to watch the movie he's just started. Nine Months. Deja vu ?? I skipped the thought. I should mention tht I haven't really been reading newspapers of late. The movie anyway starrs Hugh Grant & Julian Moore, so I thot wud be worth a watch. Am a fan of Hugh Grant after Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

So we start watchig. 20 mins into the movie, my frnd remarks - this movie is almost like Salaam Namaste. Deja vu again...!! But its just not me this time !! I notice the similarities. Guy goes off the hook as soon as he learns abt his gf's pregnancy. Same red car. Similar grp of frnds. And the lot. Ahh, wat the heck. Probably a coincidence. And even if it is, the English version is obvsly going to be much better than the Hindi one. So we continue. As the movie progresses, the similarities become strikingly obvious. Guy can't care enuff. Gal leaves boy. Boy meets a new gal. New gal creates some short term problems. etc etc..

The last 10 minutes though, were mind blowing again to say the least. And OMG, did they copy each and every detail, right down to the videocam !!! And the same shrieking of hysterical women. And 2 more childbirths, bringing the total to 5. As if I hadn't seen enuff. The rest I m sure u can imagine. To put it in simpe words, it was like watching Salaam Namaste all over again.

Thr r ppl who wud advise u not to watch Salaam Namaste even once. I watched it twice in a day within a space of just 6 hrs.

I feel lucky to be alive to tell this story. Its a miracle. The truth is out here for u to see.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

PowerCut !!!!

Life is strange. Yeah we all know that. But its especially strange when you realize that some situations which you dread are actually more fun than whatever else you might plan to do. This is not philosophical crap. Its the aftermath of an eventful night. Normally I would have passed the oppurtunity to write about it, but then I came across my wingie's blog and since I felt that his description didn't do justice to the myriad of events, I felt compelled to write my own version, if only to show how aswum life in Kgp really is. The description is actually the transcript of a chat I had with one of my friends today , so do note it might not make for a good reading.

So it was arnd midnight, and all of us ( wingies ) were in our own rooms, jhandaoing on our comps, wen it happenned.

cybermantas: Yeah so well, thr power went out wen we were talking .... u know tht part....
cybermantas: And wen the power goes out.. the whole hall comes alive ... literally
cybermantas: Cos thr is nthing else to do... and no1's asleep yet
cybermantas: And well u can't sleep too... cos thr is no power.......
cybermantas: So all us guys in the wing came out...
cybermantas: We went down to the basky court....
cybermantas: Had a mast bhaat session for like 1-2 hrs types.....
cybermantas: Hoohaa ... bitching abt each other and all.... pulling each other's legs and all....
cybermantas: then played literature for stime..
cybermantas: Under the stars in the dark....
cybermantas: And all arnd in the corridors.. u cud see a lot of junta.... doing sthing similar....
cybermantas: Antakshri.. dumCee....
cybermantas: more bhaat....
cybermantas: Then played footer on the court
cybermantas: 5 vs 4
cybermantas: Awsumm...
cybermantas: We won 7-3
cybermantas: I scored 1 or 2 goals myself
cybermantas: Uske baad......... we were very tired , arnd 4 now.... so sat down again....
cybermantas: Another bhaat session followed with a few more ppl joining and leaving
cybermantas: Then as the sun started to come up.,.. arnd 4:30 types..... everyone started to leave and just 4 guys were left from our grp
cybermantas: So we played a lil bit of 29 , and then we started to feel sleepy again
cybermantas: And were lazying arnd on the court,... lying thr .. waiting for power to come back so we cud go to sleep
cybermantas: But all tht changed wen 2 other 5th yr guys came back from canteen
cybermantas: We were al u[
cybermantas: all up in no time
cybermantas: And then these 7-8 3rd yr guys came up...
cybermantas: They were also in the canteen.....
cybermantas: And then it was a crowd......
cybermantas: So we den decided to play Kho-kho !!!
cybermantas: On the court only..
cybermantas: We were just making teams, wen due to the commotion , a few other final yrs woke up.... and den we had 6 final yrs on the court
cybermantas: So we played 6 on 6 khokho
cybermantas: Awsummm yaar...... khokho is always awsumm
cybermantas: Fir ppl were starting to wake up and were looking down from the wings and all....
cybermantas: So they also got in tempo after seeing us....
cybermantas: And for the 2nd & 3rd game...
cybermantas: We had 8 on 8 game
cybermantas: And yeah the game was - 3rd yrs vs Final yrs...
cybermantas: So obvsly thr was way too much excitement
cybermantas: Then after khokho.... some ppl left again.....
cybermantas: But then we went to play cricket
cybermantas: It was 5:30 by now....!!
cybermantas: So we played cricket
cybermantas: ANd in cricket, thrs always too much blabbering
cybermantas: Every1 shouting and all.... all sorta commenst and taunts.....
cybermantas: It was again final yr vs 3rd yrs..
cybermantas: And thr was even bigger crowd now...
cybermantas: Bored already ???
cybermantas: Anyway..... the day didn't end on a happy note.......
cybermantas: It cudn't have ended becos we were all way too charged.....
cybermantas: So I guess this had to happen...
cybermantas: Well a 3rd yr guy crashed into a pillar on the edge of the ground.....
cybermantas: He managed to take the catch cos of which this happenned...
cybermantas: But got a deep cut on the left side of his neck.....
cybermantas: Well it was a deep cut...
cybermantas: Don't categorise us 'guys'
cybermantas: So anyway...... we then had to take him to the hospital for stitching and all....
cybermantas: Nah.... nthing serious.. just a deep cut...
cybermantas: He must be up and running by now, unless he's sleeping
cybermantas: Cud have died is always thr in loads of things thr...
cybermantas: Can't stop taking catches cos of tht
cybermantas: So well tht was the end of it.....

Oh and yeah.... I slept at 8 am and then woke up at noontime too...

Here are some of the status messages on yahoo after the power came back..

cybermantas: Ever heard of moonlight footer ?
cybermantas: Awsumm niteout !!! I wish powercuts were more common in Kgp on full moon nights
cybermantas: This one is da best
cybermantas: Niteout at cheddis + khokho + cricket + BcRoy + all day bunk = I LOVE POWERCUTS
cybermantas: Tht basically sums it all
cybermantas: Obvsly all of the above 3 were from my hall
cybermantas: Thts the Rp Hall btw.....
cybermantas: The 1st 2 were wingies.... who played footer
cybermantas: The 3rd was the 3rd guy.. with whom we played khokho and all....
cybermantas: Cheddis is the canteen I mentiones
cybermantas: And BCRoy is the hospital....

Already wishing you were here ?? :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The O.C. - Orange County

I always knew I cud do it. Write a blog I mean. Was confident of the creative juices in me. And also knew of my ability to not stop blabbering. And it won't stop. It has begun...

Friends arnd me , especially my wingies wud know how obsessed I have become with the series OC these days. Thts Orange County for the uninitiated. For the still ignorant ppl, its a new series on our Lan, teenage drama is wat I wud term it as. But its a lot of fun. Not Comedy, mind u. Just plain fun. Took me 6-7 days to watch the entire series of 45 episodes which have been telecast so far. Ofcourse , there are ppl who have claimed to do it in 3 days. This is not a race guys...!!! But an obsession yes. If u haven't seen it, watch it asap. I m willing to stake my neglible reputation on it. After all I have nthing to lose and well, nthing to gain too. but anything for OC. I am planning to become the official Brand Manager for promoting OC in India.

Wat is it abt OC tht fascinates me ? Its the setting. The situations tht they create. I can claim one victory. I converted my neighbour from non-OC to the OC Club. Actually he was rather forced to. He cudn't help being driven mad by my incessant laughing at the top of my voice at all odd hours. Poor fellow...!! Broke down in just 1 day. I pity his girl friend who saw very little of him cos of me. Sorry gal.

Yet this does not mean tht the series is as great as I m making it sound. I have been known to go overboard with a lot of things and this might be another one of those. After becoming a convert, my neighbur asked me - ' Yaar, I do find the series very amusing and heart warming , but I still can't get to the same decibel levels as u. I asked a cpl of other ppl too and they also don't laugh as much as u do'. I had nthing to say. I gave him a sheepish grin. He took my sheeish grin and went back to his room to move onto the next episode.

If this is not enuff to get u hooked to the series, its probably my fault only. I m probably not good enuff a person as a Brand Manager. Mebbe some1 else shud try it. But do watch it. And blame me for as long as u like it if u don't like it.

But trust me, you will.

So it begins....

I have actually started to do this a cpla times. Stimes in a diary , wen I didn't have a comp ( just an occasional incident which mebbe occurred once in an year.. can't even remember why tht mite have happenned ) , then other times in a notepad wen I got a comp . Tried to write in blogspot too a cpla times, but never had enuff tempo to last a full post. And me, I always have had this itch tht everything shud be done in a perfect manner, though I always manage to screw sumwhere every time.

Anyway, I have this frnd Sagar Rastogi in IIIT Hyderabad. IIIT is a very interesting story and mebbe stime I will write abt tht too. Anyway he apparently needed some help with some presentation, and he had asked for help in his YM Status. Being the helpful person tht I am , I decided to help him. Actually thr is more to why I decided to help him. U see, just today I came back from my Project Eval. And we were royally screwed but still survived. Things cud have been pretty different for me though. 16 hrs before the project eval, and I still had no project topic to make a report/presentation on. At tht time , I wud have hugged/kissed any1 who wud have been willing to help me. Eventually I managed on my own though, with ofcourse some words of wisdom from my guide. I still understood how it feels to be in deep deep shit. Hence my helping hand.

So I suggeted my project topic - System Dynamics for Project Management to him. That didn't help him , but got us started. He mentioned his blog. I read his blog. I got inspired. i decided to write one and get it done and over with . After all , the first step is always the difficult one. I needed a push. Sagar pushed me.

Thank you Sagar for pushing me.